Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The inspiration of music

So I find this interesting.  I'm a musician, have been all my life.  Not only can I play several instruments and sing, but I also love a huge array of genres and artists.  Yet while writing my book music wasn't really a big part of the process.  There weren't any particular songs or bands that instilled inspiration in me - perhaps it was all just coming together too quickly.  However, last week my son was playing the song The Scientist by Coldplay.  This is a song I've loved since the first time I heard it, yet I'd never really paid close attention to it.  But for some reason, this particular time it kind of spoke to me.  Now I'm a person that very much likes to understand the story within a song or at very least my own interpretation of the lyrics, so I went online and pulled up the lyrics.  It's now a song I often play whenever I'm working on different aspects of my book (re-writing a passage, researching agents, sending out query letters etc).

The reason I was so drawn to this song is because as I was listening to it more closely I started seeing scene clips from my book.  There are two particular scenes within Awakening that are very vivid when I'm listening to this song.  Just thought it was kind of neat.

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