Monday, 13 June 2011

Summary & Thoughts on Chapter 1?

For the few that will make their way through to this blog at this time, I would really love to hear your feedback on Chapter 1 of my book.

Here is a basic summary of the book:

After overhearing she has a twin sister Amanda is beyond distraught. She is dumbfounded when her parents confess she’s an elf possessing immense magical powers. Yet Amanda resorts to atypical recklessness, fueled by her need to rescue her sister, and kicks her intensity-meter up several notches. Thus causing an already dangerous development of powers to be more life threatening than she realizes.

Prior to a necessary relocation to the Elven village and reality shifting dreams, Amanda’s heart was devoted to her boyfriend Jordan. However, her rediscovered identity brings to life the intense and arrogant Caelsah, from her dreams.  Amanda grits her teeth every time he swoops in to rescue her from her own recklessness. Yet it doesn’t stop her insides from taking roller-coaster dives when his smoldering eyes penetrate hers. This causes an immediate reaction of guilt as Amanda begins to question her love for Jordan.

She’s quick to realize her destiny’s at odds with her heart’s desires. While her divided focus puts everything at risk: her life, her sister’s life and both the human and Elven worlds by placing them in a path of inescapable tyranny at the hands of her sister’s abductors.

You can access Chapter 1 through my website under the Portfolio link at:

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